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Visualization is key. When we administrate your incentive plan your participants get an easy to use portal that shows how their instruments are preforming, in real time. An award such as this must not be static, stuck on a piece of paper in a drawer. It needs to be alive, showing your employees that the hard work they put into the business rewards them, day by day.


We will not lie, having a share-based incentive program can be challenging for your CFO and accountant. In theory it might sound simple, but no plans are identical. When one requires Black & Scholes valuation, others need more complex simulations. Our software is made to handle almost all types of share-based payments, delivering the numbers you need for your books, elevating your CFO’s headache, with IFRS2 compliant reports. (and did we mention no more manual excel typos?).

Expertise and Guiding

A good plan for one business might not be the best for the other. Our experienced consultants sit down with your management and/or board, analysing your needs against the possibilities, advising on what’s best practice in your industry, as well as explaining complicated instruments in a way that all your employees can understand. We guide you (and all parties included) through the process, from start to finish.

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Our mission is to spread ownership, aligning employees and shareholders interests. Within the framework of share-based payments we help companies structure the optimal share-based incentive scheme, maximizing the perceived value amongst your employees and participants.

There are many ways to structure a share-based incentive. The “brilliant” compensation scheme designed by excellent lawyers might prove to be difficult to administrate, and are you sure your employees understand the opportunity (and potential gain) they are given?

We believe in the positive effects of share-based incentives when done right. Using our experiencedconsultants when designing, and our state-of-the-art software to administrate, we make sure all parties are given the best possible conditions for a share-based incentive to achieve the desired outcome.

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